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Using the number 1-800-NEW-WHEELS for your business – whether you sell wheels, tire rims, or car accessories, will be a turning point in your business. A customized vanity number will make your business more credible. Your current phone number may not seem as professional as it would be with a vanity number. Some of the largest businesses in the world have customized vanity numbers and as a result have built tremendous credibility for their products and services.  By activating a vanity 800 number like 1-800-NEW-WHEELS, you will increase your company’s professionalism and credibility putting you far ahead of the competition.

Having a customized 800 number will lead to more sales because consumers will associate the name of your business with your vanity number. Future customers will remember your customized vanity number before any other business phone number launching you ahead of the competition of your industry.  When selling rubber tires, wheels and rims it is extremely important to be competitive and having this type of recognition will ensure that your business is considered first by your potential customers.

Vanity numbers introduce an instant brand. 1-800-NEW-WHEELS is an excellent business name association and will give you an established branding and advertising campaign. Imagine everything from business cards to television and radio ads that contain both your number and your name in an easy to remember format. This is marketing that works to convert leads into sales.

Activating the vanity number of 1-800-NEW-WHEELS will be an excellent turning point in your business. If you have a business that sells wheels, tires, rims or car accessories you may want to look into attaining this vanity number today.

There are hundreds of available toll-free vanity numbers in dozens of industries.  Search for the best one for your business, or activate 1-800-NEW-WHEELS today!

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