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Contractors know that, in a recovering economy, their key to increased business rests in remodels. Consumers begin looking at the projects they have put off for the past few years. Much of the time, people decide to remodel more than one room at a time, which can create even more business for you. If you want your remodel business to pick up, use the 800 vanity number 1-800-NEW-ROOM.

By using 1-800-NEW-ROOM to advertise your business, you can effectively bundle the services you offer like remodeling, new-build, bathrooms, kitchens, bedroom, any room at all! People often combine projects like the kitchen and the dining room, but now they are also combining bathroom and bedroom remodels. Instead of a project for one room, you could be looking at multiple clients with multiple rooms that want your work.  And, that is where advertising with an unforgettable, broad reaching vanity number like 800-NEW-ROOM will help you reach people who are looking for remodeling services for a wide range of needs.

A vanity toll-free number has many benefits; it brands your business, it brings in more incoming calls because it is so much easier for consumers to remember than your 10-digit local phone number, and it provides you with detailed tracking data on your incoming calls so you can monitor where calls are coming from, the most successful markets for your business, and you can record your employees to analyze how they are handling incoming calls and queries.

1-800-NEW-ROOM can bring you clients ready and willing to engage your services. To learn more about how a vanity number will bring your business more incoming leads, contact us today, or click “Activate This Number” to get started!

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More Calls. More Sales. More Profits.    1-800-NEW-SALE