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800response Call Tracking Features

Toll-Free Number Call Tracking

Improve advertising campaign performance with a vanity 800 number and Call Tracking and Call Monitoring tools.

Advertising Ideas with Custom 800 Numbers

A vanity 800 number can open up a lot of doors for your small business. Numbers that are easily recalled by potential customers help your business stand out from the competition. The average consumer is 75 percent more likely to recall a vanity 800 number than a numeric phone number. These numbers can be used in all advertising campaigns, from print to television to radio to online, to drum up business and spread the word about the services you offer.

Vanity phone numbers are extremely valuable to business owners – 65 percent say inbound phone leads generated from vanity numbers are more valuable than online/digital source leads. Investing in vanity numbers is paying off! Business owners also said they’re seeing a 25-50 percent higher response rate when their ads had a vanity number.

Investing in 800 Number Tracking and More

True vanity numbers can be hard to find. That’s why 800response works with businesses throughout the country to share the cost. You can have the same high-performing vanity number as someone else across the country, which will cut down on the overhead.

With our unique service, you’ll be the only one in your area taking advantage of the increased inbound calls and resulting sales from the memorable digits. Toll-free number tracking will help you make sure your vanity number is performing well for your business, and our experienced account managers will be there to help you maximize your reach every step of the way.

Toll-Free Call Tracking

Improve advertising campaign performance with a vanity 800 number and call tracking and call monitoring tools. Telephone number tracking, which can monitor both toll-free calls and 800 numbers, will help you discover more about your customers. If you’re trying to reach a certain demographic or attract customers from a certain area, our real-time data can help you do that.

Call-Tracking Metrics for Vanity 800 Phone Numbers

Our Real-time Call Tracking reports include call tracking detail reports like First-time Callers and Repeat Callers reports, and call summary reports like Daily Call and Hourly Call Summaries. This telephone number tracking system also allows you to increase your business’s efficiency, improve customer service and enhance training programs with call recording. Additionally, we can capture valuable customer interactions with call recording and CallFinder speech analytics. We can also help you identify missed calls with real-time missed call monitor alerts so you can follow up on valuable leads.

The 800response Call Tracking Suite presents you with a wealth of precise information on incoming calls to your Custom 800 telephone numbers and numeric toll-free numbers. This information empowers you with accurate business intelligence and allows for better targeting and refinement of marketing efforts, while also eliminating the guesswork and uncertainty about consumer behavior.

Call-Tracking Reports

Toll-free tracking provides up to 18 reports to analyze your call data. When working with 800response, you can access real-time 800 number call data to:

Learn which radio spot brought you the most calls. Discover how many calls your latest television campaign generated. Know which days are the busiest for your business. With call details like this, you can make more educated decisions to guide future business strategies and advertising campaigns using your vanity 800 telephone numbers.

Benefits Beyond 800 Number Tracking

While toll-free call tracking analytics provide invaluable information to make smart business decisions to grow, 800response offers a variety of services to suit your immediate needs. Many of our customers take advantage of our call-routing solutions, which can be tailored to accommodate multiple locations, franchises and businesses large or small. At 800response we are also on the cutting edge of interactive voice response technology, which makes calling your company a pleasant, efficient experience for customers.

Before Toll-Free Number Tracking

Before you reap the benefits of 800 number tracking and toll-free number tracking, you need to obtain a vanity number for your business. 800response has access to hundreds of numbers in dozens of industries including automotive, home improvement/remodeling, HVAC, roofing, for-profit education , post-secondary colleges, tech schools, health care, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, hospice/home health care, hearing specialists, health clubs, finance/insurance, lenders and mortgage brokers.

We pride ourselves on coming up with creative 800 vanity numbers that make sense for small businesses, giving them the tools they need to set themselves apart from the competition, increase inbound calls and make more sales. Our telephone number tracking is one of many ways we make sure your business is on the right track to maximize sales and exceed your business goals.

Telephone Number Tracking Successes

Our clients love our telephone number tracking features, which focuses on both 800 number tracking and toll-free number tracking. Because of the data we’ve been able to provide them, they are getting more calls, more sales and more profits.

CRM Integration

800response is also equipped to handle the routing, voice, data, and analytics delivery for your Custom 800® number account. We can customize our sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform according to your specific business needs. And, we are prepared to integrate your call data and recordings with a wide variety of generally available Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products. The 800response CRM interface provides call data by XML using the Auto-lead Data Format (ADF), or through a custom format designed to meet your individual requirements.

Contact an Account Manager today at 1-800-NEW-SALE to learn more about our suite of Call Tracking reports, the CRM Integration interface, and take a tour of the Real-time Call Tracking reports.

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