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800response Call Tracking Features

Call Monitoring

Enhance sales training, improve Customer Service, close more deals, and capture customer interactions with Call Monitoring and CallFinder Speech Analytics.

The Benefits of Call Recording on Your 800 Phone Number

Great customer service is often the key to improving and growing your business. With Call Recording, you can listen to your incoming calls to monitor quality assurance and script compliance, and hear customer interactions first-hand.

Use the Call Recording feature to:

Call 1-800-NEW-SALE today to learn how Call Recording will help your business deliver optimal customer service, and help you enhance training techniques.


Delivering Affordable and Easy to Use Speech Analytics

CallFinder is a leading provider of cloud-based speech analytics that is affordable, and easy to use for optimizing agent-customer interactions across the contact center.

Our powerful solutions enable businesses to:

CallFinder systematically converts agent-customer interactions into minable data to automatically report actionable intelligence for immediate application to reduce operational costs, improve agent performance, and enhance the customer experience.

CallFinder is designed for use by non-technical and experienced users alike. Our user-interface is intuitive and easy to navigate to instantly deliver insights into what agents are saying and how customers are responding. We offer world-class support to all customers, all the time. A designated CallFinder Specialist will work with you and your team to shepherd through the discovery and implementation of CallFinder to ensure a quick time to value to meet business objectives.

Learn more about CallFinder speech analytics at www.mycallfinder.com or call 1-800-639-1700.

Missed Call Monitor

Every business misses calls from time to time.  Callers get a busy signal, a ringing phone goes unanswered, or the caller hangs up before you reach the phone. These missed opportunities are costly, and can be hard to recapture. Real-time Missed Call Monitor proactively alerts you by email or text message of missed incoming 800 phone number calls as they occur so you can react and recapture those lost leads.

Missed Call Monitor empowers you to:

Use Missed Call Monitor to recapture lost leads in real time, and turn missed prospects into sales.

Call 1-800-NEW-SALE today to start recapturing lost leads in real time with Missed Call Monitor.

Employee Codes

Use Employee Codes to Categorize Calls & Track Your Workforce!

800response call tracking - employee codes

What Are Employee Codes? Employee codes are unique three-digit numbers used to tag inbound calls, allowing you to categorize and filter calls by individual employees or departments. Codes are typically entered by employees at the conclusion of the call, but they can also be entered or modified manually via the tracking site. Employee Codes can be used on both Call Tracking and CallFinder tabs!

Why Use Employee Codes?
1. Are you responsible for conducting employee performance reviews?
2. Do you use practical examples of conversations with customers to train new and existing employees?
3. Does your business like to categorize calls by departments or products?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then using Employee Codes to categorize your calls will make your life much easier!  Contact us today to learn more about Call Tracking and monitoring services, and the new Employee Codes feature!

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