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How does 800response work?

800response makes use of advanced telecommunications routing capabilities and a sophisticated billing platform to route and bill calls based on the location of the party dialing the number. Our Custom 800® service allows multiple businesses across the country to share a valuable Custom 800 number, each enjoying the exclusive use of the number in its selected territory.

What services does 800response provide?

800response is the premier provider of shared Custom 800 numbers. With the Custom 800 number you choose, we also provide real-time call detail tracking. Additional specialized services include Call Recording, CallFinder ® , Call Routing, Scheduled Report Delivery, and Web links with matching names to your Custom 800 number.

What is a shared Custom 800 number?

This innovative concept allows a toll-free number like 1-800-NEW-VISION to be used by different optometrists in their respective advertising markets, with calls routed to the correct subscriber based on the location of the person dialing the number. When you activate a shared Custom 800 number, you choose the area codes that pertain to your markets. Once the account is activated, you are the only one within those designated area codes who is using that Custom 800 number.

What is Call Tracking?

800responses’ real-time Call Tracking reports present you with a wealth of precise information on incoming calls to your toll-free number. Easily accessible online, the reports are updated in real-time so that your call data is always current. Use real-time call data to:

What is Call Routing?

800response provides various advanced routing tools to direct your incoming calls to different store locations in any manner you choose. No matter how complex or demanding your business, 800response is ready to meet your needs with a variety of sophisticated Custom Call Routing tools.

Call Routing capabilities include:

What is Call Recording?

When you order Call Recording, with just the click of a mouse, you can use 800response’s real-time Call Recording feature to listen to recordings of incoming calls. This powerful tool allows you to record and archive calls on the Web for playback at your desk through an easy-to-use online interface. Use the Call Recording feature to enhance sales training, improve customer service, increase efficiency, and confirm information following a call.

What is CallFinder?

CallFinder is an innovative speech analytics technology, offered only by 800response. This powerful speech analytics feature will find specific spoken phrases within your Call Recordings in real-time. You indicate which phrases you are most interested in and CallFinder does the work for you, giving you quick access to only the calls that contain those phrases – allowing you to listen to your calls of interest. CallFinder will identify and categorize your calls that cover:

Why use a Custom 800 toll free number?

The most compelling reasons to use Custom 800 numbers are simple:

Why is an 800 toll free number more effective than an 888, 866, 877 toll-free number?

800 numbers are the “Crown Jewels” of toll free – they are unique.

The phrase “toll-free” and the 800 exchange are synonymous in the minds of consumers.

While the newer 888, 877 and 866 exchanges are likely to be confused with area codes, 800 says “call free” to consumers.

In metro areas that have multiple area codes, like New York City, 800 is the best-recognized brand.

Are there still Custom 800 numbers available for businesses to use?

Yes! 800response is the premier provider of shared Custom 800 numbers. By enabling different companies and business owners to share the very best 800 numbers available today, we have increased the availability of previously impossible-to-obtain Custom 800 numbers. We have an extensive inventory of Custom 800 numbers to choose from, and they range from all types of business categories, including; automotive, home building, finance, dentistry, you name it!

How are Custom 800 phone numbers used in advertising?

Studies show that:

For more information on these studies, please visit us at http://www.800response.com/800numbers/studies/index.html.

Should I incorporate my new Custom 800 number into all of my advertising within my market area?

Yes. Custom 800 numbers help you further brand your business, and they have been proven to increase ad response rates. Our Call Tracking Reports service is included with Custom 800 number activation and are updated in real-time. This online service monitors call volume generated through the Custom 800 number featured in your ads and gives you the ability to determine effectiveness of your campaigns.

What are repeaters?

Repeaters are toll free numbers, like 1-800-233-2323. Repeater numbers are also available from 800response when you activate a Custom 800 number. We recommend that repeater numbers are used in print and internet advertisements. These forms of media have a longer life than broadcast media therefore it is not as critical to have an easy-to-remember Custom 800 number.

Why should I use repeater numbers in my advertising?

Repeaters give you the ability to track the comparative success of different advertising media. We recommend using a different repeater in each version of your print media. Doing this allows you to track each specific advertisement in a campaign and determine how effective a newspaper ad may be, versus a door stuffer or magazine ad, for example.

Do people still call customer service rather than going to company Web sites for information?

Despite new technology, 86% of customers still use the phone, according to a survey of nearly 500 service managers by Customer Service Advantage. And, a study by the Help Desk Institute found 65% of customer requests are received by phone.

What if I have two or three locations in a single market?

Our Call Routing options will take care of your needs, no matter how sophisticated they may be. You can choose to have the calls ring to the location closest to the caller or have all calls ring to a single location, or prompt callers with a message that lets them select a location.

Why would I want to pay for a call from someone calling me locally when they could just dial my current number at no cost to me?

There are several reasons to use a Custom 800 number in your advertising efforts:

How can I find a Custom 800 number for my business?

You can search for the best Custom 800 numbers in our extensive online directory of numbers, which is broken down into industry categories to make it easy to find the perfect number for your business. Search by business category, keyword or by a specific number. Our experienced Sales Managers will counsel you on the best number for your business, and can answer any questions you may have about our Custom 800 numbers and the services we provide.

Can I get a detailed report of who is calling my Custom 800 number?

800response’s Custom 800 service comes complete with detailed call reporting which offers a wealth of precise information on incoming calls to toll-free numbers. Easily accessible online, these reports are constantly updated in real-time. Call data is always current, enabling you to analyze the results of a campaign and tailor follow-up efforts to increase advertising effectiveness. For more information on Call Tracking click on the link below. http://www.800response.com/calltracking/descriptions/index.html.

How long does it take for an 800 number to be activated once I have chosen it?

Once you have placed the orders with one of our Account Managers your Custom 800 number will be ready for taking calls within five business days. For a fee, activation can be expedited.

What is the length of the contractual commitment when I order Custom 800 service from 800response?

800response does not require any commitments or cancellation fees.


For more information on all of the services provided by 800response, or to speak with an Account Manager about finding a Custom 800 number for your business, please call 1-800-NEW-SALE.

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