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We work with businesses of all sizes in all industries. Our inventory of true vanity 800 numbers cannot be matched. Here are just a few of the industries we serve with our toll-free numbers:


We’ve worked with new and used auto dealers, multi-location auto groups, automotive parts suppliers, service and repair centers, and auto financers for over 25 years. In that time, our vanity toll free numbers have proven to help our customers in the automotive industry get more out of their advertising dollars by boosting response rates, generating leads and moving metal.

Success Story Quote:

“We use 1-800-NEW-CARS in all of our advertising; radio, TV, newspaper, and we have wrapped a Jeep® that displays the number,” he says.

According to the GM, a vanity 800 number adds tremendous value. “I highly recommend using a vanity number to any dealership that is looking to build their brand and their image. I consider it a must-have.”

Success Story Quote:

“I believe 100 percent in using vanity numbers to advertise my business. I would not even consider running a dealership without using memorable phone numbers in our ads,” he says. According to the GM, one in 10 incoming calls turns into a sale.  “By selling just one car a month we more than pay for the vanity number service.”


Our experience in the education industry spans more than 25 years as well, from private post-secondary schools with one location, to technical schools, and large education groups with campuses in multiple States. In that time, our vanity numbers for sale have proven to help our customers in the education sector get more out of their advertising dollars by increasing response rates to advertising, gaining demographic data to build a lead database, and enrolling new students to meet their business goals.

Success Story Quote:

“The benefits of using a vanity 800 number with tracking and recording are huge. After activating the vanity 800 number that increased about 70%.

We now know that we are getting the maximum potential out of every ad dollar spent with the tracking reports. And, we are able to train and run our admissions department more effectively utilizing the recorded calls as training tools,” says the college’s Director.

Finance & Banking

From financial services businesses, to mortgage and lending companies, and banks, our vanity 800 business numbers have proven to help customers get more out of their advertising dollars by increasing response rates, processing more applications and awarding more loans, and generating a lead database based on caller demographics.

Success Story Quote:

“I have always believed in the power of vanity 800 numbers. After running the infomercial in Tampa, my point is proven again. The vanity 800 number is outstanding at getting into peoples’ minds and sticking. I encourage any business who is actively advertising to use a vanity 800 number. They’ll get more response and maximize their media budgets.”


We have customers in a myriad of categories within the vast healthcare industry, including independent health insurance brokers, hospital groups, multi-location walk-in clinics, research companies, and weight-loss clinics, to name just a few! Our 1 800 vanity numbers and call tracking solutions provide the inbound leads these businesses need, especially during peak enrollment periods, and during the busy flu season. We’re proud to be helping our healthcare clients get better response rates to their advertising campaigns, generating leads and patients, and gaining a competitive edge in a crowded market.

Success Story Quote:

“Having 1-800-NEXT-CARE, a memorable phone number, ensures that people will remember and contact us first, rather than having to look up the phone number of a healthcare provider and perhaps come across a competing clinic in their area.”

Success Story Quote:

“We have a limited amount of time to engage the consumer, so we need to make our advertising simple and memorable. Vanity 800 numbers are easy for people to recall, and when it ties into the brand – as in the case of 1-800-NEW-SELF and the clinic – then we are positioned for a successful campaign.”

Home Improvement

Contractors, builders, and home repair services are experiencing sky-rocketing volume, so staying ahead of the competition is tough, but most important. We work with members of the home improvement and remodeling industries to bring in quality inbound leads, and our customers are experiencing more scheduled appointments than ever before. Not only does this industry segment use their vanity 800 phone numbers on their fleet vehicles – which is genius because it is essentially free advertising – they’re also using radio, and outdoor media like yard signs and door hangers, and in larger marketing even local television advertising, to stay in front of their customers. Nothing is better than an unforgettable phone number like 1-800-NEW-ROOF when your customers have a few shingles missing, or are in need of HVAC maintenance.

Success Story Quote:

“Every day, 1-800-ROOF-PRO reinforces the credibility and professionalism of our company when people see the number on our vehicles and signs. And, it is more memorable than the local number we were using before.”

“Now people automatically associate 1-800-ROOF-PRO with our services, and the “PRO” perfectly conveys that we are a professional and credible roofing company.”


The insurance industry is a rapidly growing segment, and we’re proud to work with members of this industry and be a part of their advertising campaigns. We work directly with insurance brokers, as well as with insurance companies, and also often with their advertising partners to provide them with a branding direct response tool, that also happens to deliver 25-50% higher response rates when featured in advertising campaigns. Numbers like 1-800-NEW-RATE, 1-800-GOOD-ADVICE, and 1-800-NEW-QUOTE are just a few of the powerful numbers we offer our insurance customers.

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We’ve all seen advertising campaigns executed by lawyers, and we all need a lawyer at some point to help with contractual agreements, mortgages, and other life events. When lawyers advertise with a Custom 800 number from 800response, not only with they get more inbound phone calls and appointments, they’ll also create a more branded campaign with 1-800-NEW-CLAIM or 1-800-NEW-LAWS. Read our customers Success Stories

Real Estate

From real estate brokers to mortgage companies, and from multi-family property management companies to general contractors, we’ve been helping these businesses attract more customers, see better results from their advertising campaigns, and grow their businesses. Our customers are increasing response rates, processing more applications, and building a lead database based on caller demographics and call tracking metrics.

Success Story Quote:

“Now I can determine how many calls I get for every $10,000 spent, and I can say we get about 45,000 to 50,000 calls per year on 1-800-NEW-HOUSE. If activity in a particular area needs to be bumped up, I’ll run 60 days of TV advertising in that region and check online reports to judge whether it’s the right TV station and the right programming. It gives me a comparison, and I don’t know how else you’d do that.”

Retail & Services

800response has significant history working with large, multi-location retail businesses, some with over 1,000 locations. Our advanced call routing capabilities, our telecom network, and our ability to track and record 100% of inbound calls makes our services a great fit for the retail and services industry.

Success Story Quote:

“Having the 1-800-NEW-GLASS number is helping me brand our business and generate more awareness among the business community for our commercial division, and our marketing materials that feature the vanity number keep us top-of-mind with consumers.”

“I also review the call recordings and use the call content to develop call scripts for our call handlers. I work with them to overcome any objections and fine-tune their closing skills.”

Success Story Quote:

“Our incoming call volume increased by at least 50% after we started using 1-800-NEW-QUAD in our advertising.”


Our customers get more out of their advertising dollars by increasing response rates, building a lead database based on caller demographics, and building brand awareness in their local markets. The utility companies we work are bringing on new customers every day as a result of their advertising and marketing efforts. And, with a vanity 800 number, they’re staying ahead of the competition in their markets simply by having an unforgettable phone number.

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Wireless Telecom

Wireless dealers, cell phone service providers, and companies in the telecom industry also face stiff competition, and lots of it. With an unforgettable phone number like 1-800-NEW-CELL or 1-800-NEW-CALL, an advertiser will be ahead of the game. Better recognition, more inbound calls, and more leads will deliver more sales and better revenue for these businesses.

Success Story Quote:

“We have more control over our advertising campaigns, and can review their effectiveness. With 1-800-NEW-DEAL and the real-time call tracking service, we can immediately look at the source of incoming calls after a campaign launches, and tie each response back to a specific media buy.”

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